Hybrid floor covering

A very durable coating that replaces stone or wood. High production technology, different layer structure, waterproof, extremely high impact resistance, soundlessness and the possibility of production in various sizes, are the features of SPC Palaz.


Products that combine stone strength and wood flexibility.


Palaz Industrial Group is the first and only producer of this special product in Iran with the transfer of the latest production technology.


SPC is a new generation of flooring, the similarity of the appearance of SPC with wood laminates along with the capabilities and quality differences has caused SPC to be used as an alternative to wood laminate in some cases.

Differences between SPC and laminate

1- Due to the fact that SPC is made of stone powder and at the same time flexible coating, it is much more resistant to impact and falling of heavy objects compared to laminate and does not damage. This resistance to SPC impact is obtained with a very thin thickness of 5.2 mm, while the thickness of the laminate is at least 8 mm. This high strength and low thickness of SPC allows less space to be taken in the installation and less space under the door is required.

2- Unlike laminate which is sensitive to water and in case of contact with water for a long time may be damaged SPC is completely waterproof and can even be installed in the bathroom.

3- SPC is completely free of formaldehyde and is any toxic and dangerous substance that has been approved by the European Union.

4- SPC is better sound insulation than laminate.

5- It is better to seal the floor of the seats with felt or soundproofing.



1214 mm × 183 mm



Panels in each carton: 8 = 2.131 m2
Carton in each pallet: 56 = 119.32 m2
clic V4
5.2 mm | AC4/32
^The difference between plastic flooring and SPC

Overview of plastic wood flooring (WPC) versus SPC flooring
A basic understanding of wood-plastic flooring (WPC) and stone-plastic-vinyl flooring (SPC) is crucial. These two types of engineering vinyl flooring are very similar, except that they form the main layer.

SPC flooring, the core is composed of natural limestone powder, polyvinyl chloride and stabilizer.

Wood flooring, the core is made of recycled wood paste and plastic composites, both of which are completely waterproof.

In addition to the core, these two types of flooring are essentially the same combination of layers. Here’s how to make a solid floorboard from top to bottom:

Coating layer: This layer creates the necessary resistance against scratches and stains and is thin and completely transparent.
Vinyl layer: This layer is durable and strong, which is printed with floor pattern and color.
Core layer: This is a waterproof layer made of stone-plastic composite (SPC) or wood-plastic composite (WPC).
Base layer: EVA foam or cork forms the base of the board.


Highlights of Palaz SPC:

Durability: You may think that WPC flooring offers better durability due to its greater thickness than SPC flooring, but in reality the opposite is true. SPC flooring may not be thick but it is denser than wood flooring.
Stability: Wood flooring (WPC) and SPC can both be installed in any room by exposure to moisture and temperature fluctuations. But when it comes to extreme temperature changes, SPC flooring tends to offer superior performance; Dense cores of SPC flooring are more resistant to expansion and contraction than WPC flooring.

^Benefits of SPC

– 100% waterproof
– Prepared from prime materials
– Free of any toxic and dangerous substances that are harmful to your health
– Resistance to any fuels and fire
– Impact resistance
– Highest stability against high and low temperatures
– Heavy resistance in commercial and industrial affairs
– Easy to install
– Noise reduction
– High scratch resistance
– Slip resistance
– Resistance to the base of the chair and table
– Has a prominent role
– Has painted grooves
– High speed of light
– Rust resistance

Forest resources are declining rapidly. Factors such as indiscriminate logging, global warming and annual homogenous fires are reasons for the loss of the world’s natural resources. On the other hand, the indiscriminate use of trees in the crops we use every day is rapidly leading the world to a forest crisis.


With the aim of saving forests and preserving green natural resources, as well as preserving human health, we introduce SPC as one of the most modern and least harmful products to the environment and as a new standard for covering the floors of today’s buildings.


SPC is similar in appearance to parquet and laminate, but in the production structure of wood and no glue is used. Paying attention to these principles will protect forests and the environment. SPC is a super floor covering.


A cover to save the world’s green resources and human health.