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Large product installation projects

Market Development Team and Sales Organization of Palaz Group focusing on BTB projects (organizational sales) by supplying raw materials required in various industries or working closely with different organizations, architects and designers regarding the use of Palaz products in large projects , Completes numerous projects throughout the country each year. Depending on the specific needs of each project, we consider different possibilities to facilitate the process of consulting and selecting our products.

The carpet conveys a feeling of calm in the space to the user. This time, pay attention to this point when you enter a carpeted space. A sense of security, calm and confidence is conveyed to you from your first steps in a carpeted space. If more space is done with this coating today, it is the result of the attention of organizations, architects and decoration-related businesses to the impressive performance of carpet, due to a combination of warmth and modernity. Over the past decade, we have completed various projects with a variety of Palace products. Projects that meet the needs of today’s leading organizations.

“Please watch the video of the combination of Cut B and Pooneh carpets, along with the use of Palaz laminates.”

Farazin Design and Showroom Department / 2000 square meters of carpet and laminate Palaz


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Nylon yarn

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