Laminates are specifically popular in the modern world thanks to easy installation and maintenance as well as their beautiful appearance. Palaz produces laminates with captivating and modern appearance in variety of designs and colors compatible with any taste and house or workplace decorations.

In comparison with other floorings especially parquet, laminates are the best candidate for your house or office. Don’t worry about your children too. Antibacterial property of Palaz laminate makes it a suitable option for creating a clean and safe environment. Palaz enables you to enjoy every moment of your presence at home or workplace. Laminate is an absolutely convenient and right choice for official spaces as well. Easy maintenance of the respective floorings keeps the space healthy for the colleagues. These floorings can properly help establishment of a serene and tranquil space for workplace since they are good acoustic insulators. Don’t forget that your work space plays a substantial role in formation of organization’s identity.


Dimensions: 1200 mm × 187 mm
Thickness: 8mm
Area per Carton: 1.795 m²
panels per Carton: 8
clic V4
^Laminate Structure

Laminate is a kind of flooring whose appearance is taken from wooden patterns and designs. This type of flooring is classified in the modern flooring group and especially fits houses or work spaces with modern or classic decorations.

Laminate, also known as “parquet laminate”, shall not be confused with parquet. Parquet is made of timber but laminate is actually made of Hard Density Fiberboard, abbreviated as HDF. Several layers of compact and consolidated wood whose outer surface have a coating resembling natural wood constitute this group of products.

The method used for installation of laminates is different from that of parquet. Parquets must be stuck to the floor whereas laminates do not need to stick. Grooves called “click” have been mounted in four sides of latter floorings. Theses grooves interlock as male-female connections or are clicked in the technical terminology. As such, no damage is imparted to the floor. This connection system is the major advantage of laminate over parquet.

^Thickness and Coloring

Laminates are mainly rectangular and their width ranges from 14 to 25 cm and their length from 120 to 140 cm. Thickness of the respective floorings mainly equals 8, 10, and 12 mm, which is determined based on type of application and walking frequency in the respective place.

Thickness of laminates is a significant aspect that shall be taken into account in purchase. This item indeed affects the price. Greater thickness means further durability of laminates. Thicker laminates shall be selected for frequently walked places. But, an approximate thickness of 8 mm suffices for less crowded spaces. Note that thicker laminates cause less noise as well.

Laminates generally come in creamy to brown color spectrum in order to look natural and agreeable. Besides these colors, Palaz has supplied a wide range of colors for the respective products.

Color selection is a significant matter that shall be brought under consideration with respect to room dimensions and harmony with decoration. Being just a little patient in color selection, you can construct a fully tranquil space in your bedroom. Appropriate selection of laminate in harmony with the space creates a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. For small houses, light colors are chosen to make the space look bigger and more spacious. Laminates in fantasy colors can also be suitable to generate a vigorous and delightful environment for children


If your room faces sunlight, you must be aware that laminates are mong the most durable and resistant floorings against ultraviolet ray.
Thanks to grooves (clicks) mounted in the four sides of laminate, they are interlocked when installed, and hence, no damage is exerted to the floor.

As compared to older parquets, laminates are more resistant against sharp and pointed objects. They are not easily scratched and do not burn by cigarette heat.

Laminate can be quickly installed and executed. Additionally, ortability and transferability of laminates following installation enables their collection and reinstallation.
Prior to installation, a foam layer with a thickness of 2mm is spread over the floor and the laminates are installed on the foam. This causes the laminates to act as heat insulators in addition to sound insulation in favor of lower floors.
Laminates can be easily protected and maintained and need no warmish and polish after installation.
They have realistic and attractive look. Furthermore, no spacing and clearance exist between the tiles after installation.
They are more cost-effective than other floorings and construction materials such as stone and ceramics.
In comparison with parquet, laminates are more water resistant. It does not signify that laminates are water-proof. Any spoiled water on their surface shall be immediately collected.
Laminates are highly stable and durable.
They are normally antibacterial and anti-insect.
Unlike parquets that shall be totally changed in case of partial damage, the problem in a segment of laminate will be resolved via replacing only the damaged piece by a new one.
Laminates are more luxurious and desirable choices for places of higher significance like halls and dining rooms.


AC 5/32 A laminate floor’s resistance to wear is given as an abrasion class, e.g. AC 5. Here, the number 5 indicates that it will not show signs
AC 5/33 of abrasion for a considerable length of time.The wear class figure indicates the level of use for which the laminate is suitable. 32 represents average commercial use and 33 is for heavy commercial use.

Floors with these symbols have the following properties:

V4 These panels have a 45° bevelled edge all the way round. Putting them together creates a V-shaped groove, which replicates the character of natural wooden floorboards.
Decors with this symbol are antistatic.

Outstanding features of all my floor products:

All floors use the CLIC system. Simple to lay with no need for a hammer,tapping block and crowbar. Safe and stable, you can walk on them right away.
easy Easy-care and durable. low Low flammability.
Highly resistant to cigarette butts. Not light-sensitive.
Stain-resistant. Resistant to wear.
Made from natural, enewable materials. Comfortable to walk on.
Suitable for use over underfloor heating. Hard-wearing and pressure resistant.

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