Privacy Protection

Policy of Protecting Information and Privacy of Users in Palaz

Palaz firmly emphasizes on the principles of preserving the information and privacy of the website users. The present document is an explanation to the mechanism of using the information that the website collects from its users. The respective information includes user-specific items that can be used for unique identification of individuals. Examples of your confidential information are name, living address, email address, telephone number, and other information which are not accessible to public under normal conditions.

Collected Information and their Usage

In the recruitment page, you provide us with your personal details including name and family name, email, field of study, and so on.
Palaz website will also keep information like the cookies and pages observed by you. Such information is only sued for the cases of advertisement, newsletter, and other contents commensurate with your tastes and interests. Please note that the respective information cannot be given to unauthorized organizations or individuals.

Information Access Limitation

Palaz restricts the access of group personnel to users’ information and only website administrators who are directly in connection with the users will have access to all information.

All passwords are encrypted as new codes and stored in database. In the encryption process, utmost effort has been made to take advantage of advanced algorithms and methods.

All system-related information is kept in the protected infrastructure and safe places.

Via observing the greatest level of security, we hope you – our respectable customers- to get assured about safety of using the system. If you wish to receive further information in this regard, please send us your request via the section “Contact Us”.