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Today, moquette is still among the most demanded products due to the comfort and relief it brings despite availability of broad range of floorings. Moquettes are not only thermal insulators but serve as acoustic insulator as well. Many people still prefer to keep the room floors warm and/or are permanently worried about breaking dishes that might drop on the ceramics. Additionally, your children also need a safe and comfortable space without making you panic by their consecutive falls on the floor. We recommend selection of soft moquettes for this purpose. Remember that colorful and delightful designs for children’s rooms don’t highlight presence of probable stains. The moquettes are suitable for establishing harmony with any sort of decoration and furniture. These reasons coupled with the possibility of producing diverse patterns, colors, and textures of moquettes expand domain of their applications.

Various Types

Palaz moquettes, in diversity of patterns, are produced with felt backing and at a wide of 3 meters. Two texture types “cut pile” and “loop pile” have formed the beautiful world of Palaz moquettes. The respective products are prepared and produced using BCF, heat-set BCF, spun propylene and/or acrylic fibers.


Product No: 178
Total weight 1800 (g/m2)
Cotton: 100% Polyamide
Type of tissue: Loop pile
Cumin type: Felt
Finely: 1/8
Carpet width: 3 m
Price: 806,600 (Rial)
^Synthetic Fibers

Polyamide (nylon)

Nylon is a perfect choice for moquette thanks to its stability. This fiber is very resistant against steam, heat, impact, and abrasion particularly in crowded spaces. Low abrasion and high resistance of polyamide moquettes have turned this group of products into an ideal option for frequently walked rooms. The loop pile moquettes produced from polyamide fiber are very convenient for frequently walked places. Heat-set polyamide cut pile moquettes are also suitable choices for bedroom, sitting room, and baby’s room.


Acrylic fibers remind the feeling and appearance of wool. The threads spun from this fiber are as beautiful, bright, and resistant as wool. Loop pile moquettes are suitable option for frequently walked places.


Polypropylene fibers do not absorb moisture and external materials. This advantage enables utilization of this group of moquettes in special environments. The moquettes produced with polypropylene fiber are washed more easily than other products. Owing to simple production of polypropylene materials, the products made of such materials have reasonable price too.

Outstanding Features of Palaz Moquette

Completely bright and durable color
Resistant against ultraviolet ray
Resistant against abrasion
Excellent resilience of polyamide fibers and retaining the initial state
Supplying exclusive products for specific projects with the pattern and logo of the customizer

^Type of tissue

Cut Pile:

Cut pile texture is made when the piles are cut uniformly during weaving process. This production method enables production of diverse thicknesses and pretty styles besides generation of a soft appearance.

With heat-set polyamide fiber, this texture is an ideal choice for bedrooms of houses, hotels, and living rooms in residential spaces or private lounges in places with official usage.

If preserved properly, cut pile moquettes can have a long useful life and maintain their beauty.

Loop Pile:

Loop pile is another method for producing variety of moquettes. In the respective method, the piles remain in the texture and are not cut. These piles can have different lengths. Loop pile moquettes are suitable for most house spaces including living room and office thanks to their high durability and strength. Use of polypropylene fiber is an excellent and right selection for this kind of texture. Resistance against successive footsteps is another advantage of loop pile production using polypropylene fiber and one of the significant characteristics of this group of Palaz products.

Another positive point of loop pile moquettes is the fact that they can be cleaned very easily. In fact, this advantage is due to the structure of such moquettes which prevent from infiltration of liquids and pollutions into the moquette to a large extent.

^Serial Number

The 16-digit Palaz serial number indicates authenticity of your purchase. To provide you with over 250 exceptional colors and designs, we have been oriented toward quality improvement for successive and long years. Serial number of different moquette designs is the factor distinguishing the Palaz Group’s products from other brands. The respective serial number is printed behind the moquette using LASER jet technique. It is an attempt to demonstrate authenticity of Palaz Group’s products and differentiate them from the items produced by other companies which unfortunately seek for copying Palaz trademark and designs in an unhealthy and unfair competition instead of concentrating on research development and new investments. In addition to differentiation of Palaz products by the unique serial number printed behind the moquette, other important usages have been also predicted for the product’s serial. Among the most important applications of exclusive Palaz serials are approaching real requirements of consumers via Customers’ Club, participation in draws of sales festivals, and feedback of the customers’ opinions about the purchased items.

^Products usage tips

For large spaces, it is advisable to use patterned moquettes, and for rooms with small dimensions, plain moquettes with light color and low-height piles are the best choice. This suggestion causes the room to look bigger. Moquettes with high piles are more appropriate for living room, bedroom, and baby’s room. Compact textures with low-height piles are more suitable for frequently walked places.