^How to buy from Palaz website

This website is the site of Palaz Company to introduce services and products and it is not possible to buy online. You can find the nearest carpet Palaz dealership through the dealership page and make your purchase in person or visit our online store via the online store link.
^How is the shipping after ordering the product?

After ordering, whether by phone or online purchase, you will be contacted and the necessary arrangements will be made to send the goods. All shipping steps are the responsibility of the customer and Palaz is only responsible for the preparation and packaging of the product.

^What are the employment conditions in the Palaz?

Palaz Carpet is employed in Tehran and Tabriz, where the large factory of Palaz is located, and is employed in all months of the year. You can apply for the job you want in Tehran and Tabriz through the employment forms on the employment page. Our colleagues will review your resume and application and will contact you for an interview as soon as possible.

^Is it possible to print a special design on the carpet?

Yes, if you order in high circulation, your designs will be reviewed and printed.