Khaneye Palaz

Khaneye Palaz is unifying the method for presenting the products of Palaz Group in the network of sales agencies. This project began in Azar of 1393 after 6 months of research. Attention to the method of presenting the products has been considered the priority as one of the crucial necessities of sales network engineering in order for Palaz to remain the best choice of the consumers.

As a leading Project, Khaneye Palaz will make the supply of carpet, wallpaper, and laminate products and Palaz Group obtain the highest standard. A calm environment, away from any sort of undefined element, will appear as soon as entering this branch. The dominating white color of the environment together with the carpet and laminate provide an extremely soothing feeling. The objectives presented in the concept of the motto of the organization, my beautiful world, and the opportunity provided for the consumers to easily communicate with different types of products, have been considered in Khaneye Palaz.

Easily examine different samples and experience a reliable purchase in a relaxing atmosphere. Kindly study the carpet and wallpaper catalogues or remove the laminates available on the accessible stands and place them on the floor and consult each other to make sure of your decision. We are proud to present precise information in Khaneye Palaz and we are interested in accompanying you in making the best decision.