Wallpaper is a cover which currently enjoys unique popularity thanks to diversity of patterns and creation of specifically beautiful view. Create a desirable and distinctive world around you by observing harmony in selection of texture, pattern, and color of Palaz wallpapers that go with your house or workplace decorations. Palaz wallpapers make your modern, classic or fantasy dreams realize.

Palaz products are more like artworks than construction materials. Wallpapers conceal the traces of damage on the wall very easily and without any trouble. They are greatly durable and also emanate a nice feeling inside the house or workplace. The respective covers are mainly washable, scratch- and impact-proof, acoustic-proof, and have high quality. They are therefore good substitutes for dyes and other wall coatings. Furthermore, some dyes are harmful to children’s health owing to their lead content and many people are allergic to dyes. For the same reason, wallpaper is the healthiest choice. Cost-effectiveness in terms of durability, further diversity in color, texture, and design, easy installation, lack of odor and causing no allergy have altogether turned Palaz wallpaper into a peerless candidate.

We supply a ubiquitous and splendid collection of classic, fantasy, and modern designs in pretty and fashionable colors commensurate with your taste and interests. With appropriate selection of colors, you can make your room look larger or smaller, deeper, wider or narrower, lighter, cooler, or even warmer.


Wallcovering: 10m × 50 cm
Brand: GranDeco , Deco 4 Walls

Beautiful and exceptional Palaz designs actually create an art-piece out of wallpaper. There are generally two forms of designs for wallpaper:

Painting-like designs with complete and definite images are classified in the first group, and, the second group comprises designs with graphic textures somehow formed from repetition of small geometric shapes.

^Wallpaper Structure

Palaz wallpaper is in fact made by printing a decorative image on the surface of a substrate. This substrate is mainly made of paper, fabric, and similar stuffs. Palaz wallpapers are produced in different kinds, textures, and sizes. Wallpapers are generally made of paper and their protective layer is produced from vinyl which makes them water-proof. Vinyl-coated wallpapers have greater durability and are washable. Life span of wallpapers depends on factors such as paper type and exposure to sunlight and moisture. Wallpapers can persist often for 15 years; of course, if you are not looking for variety and alternative designs to refresh your house space!

Wallpapers are generally sold in rolls. In the standard form, rolls have a width of 53 cm and a length of 10 meters and can cover around 5 m2 of the wall surface. A large percentage of Palaz wallpapers have similar dimensions. Nonetheless, you might have rolls at dimensions of 70cm*10m with the possibility to cover a surface of 7 m2. More ever, Palaz will supply shortly rolls with widths of 1 meter to the market.

To stick Palaz wallpaper on the wall, a special glue with water solvent is used which release no unpleasant odor to the surroundings. Any glue stain accidentally remaining after sticking the wallpaper can be easily cleaned with the aid of a piece of wet sponge.

Wallpaper printing is performed using different techniques such as surface, gravure, silk screen, and rotary prints. Different printing techniques are selected based on the type of design and paper at the time of production.

^Wallpaper Advantages

Easily washable using detergents and warm water

Long life and durability

Wallpapers not only conceal wall defects but also serve as dust protection and heat and moisture insulator

A wide domain of designs facilitates the choice for any taste


Wallpaper price is variable depending on many factors. Difference in material, thickness and color, embossed depth, substrate material and also washing possibility are all among the factors affecting wallpaper price. Wallpapers with papery substrates are normally less expensive. Embossed depth is also directly proportional to the price of vinyl wallpapers.