In 1353, at the same time as allocating space for the construction of factories, the Palaz began extensive comprehensive studies and various studies in the field of production. In 1977, with the opening of the first production lines, the official activity of the palaz began. From the very beginning, considering the quality of the best in the world, the design and production of various types of cut pile carpets, loop pile carpets and carpet began. The production of carpets laid the foundation for the group’s relentless effort to grow and reach its current position.


Palaz, using the most modern machines and a production capacity of one million square meters per year, became the factor in the development of the carpet industry in the country. The first development plan of the palaz in 1988 was a special achievement. Production of the first carpet cut continued. Subsequently, and only after two years, the production of low-cut carpets with heat-set yarn, the special position of Palaz Carpet products as the holder of the highest quality was established. In 1997, the growing trend of development continued with the operation of the BCF yarn unit. This trend continued with the production of coarse loop pile carpets as well as loop pile carpets with a combination of acrylic yarn in 1378.


In this way, the supplementary plan of the tissue unit was launched. Since the largest development project since the company was established in 2004, this year was a turning point for Palazmuket. Increasing production volume, more organized supply and upgrading quality to the highest level were not the only results of this investment.

This development project, in addition to completing the production lines of polyamide yarn, introduced the first carpet printing line with chromoget method in Iran. The palace continued to grow during the following years. Palaz Muket was formed in the same year towards integration with various products and new branding methods, as well as a new look at the advanced marketing of the Palace Group.


The opening of the fully integrated branches of Khaneye Palaz in the same year marked a turning point in upgrading the sales and service system for carpet, wallpaper and laminate products. Improving the design and quality of Palaz products, improving the quality of supply in the distribution network through training of specialized human resources and developing the plan to integrate Kaneye Palaz agencies in addition to more centralization in various branding projects, are the new goals of Palaz in the coming years.


Now, after 47 years of brilliant history, the most important point of focus and focus of the palace is still moving towards different quality standards. This is a factor in maintaining the trust and satisfaction of loyal consumers and responding to their needs.


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