About Palaz

Palaz Moquette started extensive comprehensive studies and different investigations in 1974 simultaneously with allocation of space for construction of factories. Official activity of Palaz began in 1977 following inauguration of the first production lines. Aiming to reach qualities at the premium international level since the very beginning, the company triggered design and production of various cut pile, loop pile, and carpet moquettes. Production of carpet moquettes founded the incessant attempt to flourish and attain the current position of the group.

Benefitting from the most modern machineries and a production capacity of 1 million m2 per year, Palaz Moquette served as the impetus for development of Iran’s moquette industry. The first development plan of Palaz Moquette in 1988 led to a specific achievement. Production of the first cut and loop pile moquettes with embossed designs were the outcome of the respective plan. Subsequently and after just 2 years, production of cut pile moquettes using heat-set fibers further stabilized the special status of Palaz Moquette products as the holder of the best quality. In 1997, the exceeding development resumed with inauguration of BCF fiber production unit. This trend was maintained in 1999 following production of coarse loop pile moquettes as well as loop pile moquettes with hybrid acrylic fiber. Accordingly, operation of the complementary project i.e. the weaving unit was also started. The year 2004 is regarded as the turning point for Palaz Moquette as the largest development plan of the company since its foundation was exploited in this year. Increased production volume, more organized supply, and promotion of quality to the highest level were among the achievements of the respective investment.

This development plan introduced the first moquette printing line using Chromo-Jet technique and also completed polyamide fiber production lines. Palaz steadily kept on growing during the subsequent years.

Since mid-2013, with the intention of adding new products- other than moquettes – to Palaz family, the project for redefining Palaz Moquette brand was initiated. Addition of the utmost diverse laminate and wallpaper product groups supplied by the finest European and Asian producers was the starting point for development of products in new branches. This approach resulted in permanent elimination of the word “moquette” from Palaz name. Selection of the new motto “My Beautiful World” and designing of a new trademark symbol for activities of Palaz Group enabled comprehensive reconfiguration and success of novel branding. The year 2014 witnessed large deals of activities in Palaz. It was attempted via integration of diverse products and novel branding techniques to help the customers change their mindset about the former single-product status of Palaz Group.

Inauguration of completely integrated branches of Palaz House in the same year contributed to remarkable promotion of sales and services system for moquette, wallpaper, and laminate products.

New objectives of the organization in the future years include: upgrading the design and quality of Palaz products, quality enhancement in retail sales network through training specialized human resources, and development of the integration plan of sales agencies of Palaz House besides further concentration on different branding projects.

At present, following 40 years of brilliant experience, the most crucial focus and intent of Palaz family is still to make progress toward different quality standards. This is the most significant factor to safeguard the loyal consumers’ reliance and satisfaction and to meet their requirements.

Palaz at a Glance 

1974 Start of study phase, space allocation and commencement of Palaz Moquette factories construction project
1977 Inauguration of the 1st production lines at qualities comparable to the best international peers, and, annual production capacity of 1,000,000 m2 of various cut pile, loop pile, and carpet moquettes
1988 Implementation of the first development plan of Palaz Moquette and introducing the first cut and loop pile moquettes with embossed pattern
1996 Addition of cut and loop moquettes simultaneously with installation of the most modern machinery
1997 Exploitation of BCF fiber production unit along with operating the complementary fiber unit
1999 Production of coarse-fabric and hybrid acrylic fiber loop pile moquettes and commissioning of the complementary plan of weaving unit
2004 Completion of the largest development plan since foundation of the company, consisting of complete production lines of polyamide fiber and starting operation of the first moquette printing line using Chromo-Jet technique in Iran
2013 Brand redefining project and renaming Palaz Moquette to Palaz due to addition of various laminates and wallpapers to the group’s products
2014 Establishment of integrated branding system and initiation of retail sales network promotion project with opening 3 branches of coordinated supply system of Group’s products in Palaz House stores
2015 Installation and operation of the integrated Gunny sack and felt production system using the most advanced machinery

Palaz industrial cooperation with international brands